With extensive reports and enhanced security system, our Landfill Management System is the right choice for your company.
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Landfill Management Software

  • Window based software compatible with Windows XP, 2000, ME, 98, and 95.
  • Landfill Management Software is designed to interface with scales to provide load charges, store Tare weight, create invoices and statements and print various summary and accounting reports.
  • It tracks transaction date, time operator ID, customer, cash or charge, commodity code, entity, burial cell and area, gross and tare weights, payment method, check # and notes can be recorded for each invoice
  • Recording of payments to be posted to customer balances.
  • Easy lookup for customer inquiries related to account activity.
  • Vehicle file lookup to validate charges and assign customer identity.
  • Interfaces to scale indicator to automatically record in-weight and out-weight to calculate total charge.
  • Private and public notes can be associated with each invoice for recording additional information.
  • Multi-year retention of all transactions.
  • Various tipping fee structures based on commodity.
  • User defined tipping fee structures, with optional minimums.
  • Ability to assign non-taxable status for customers or entities.
  • Ability to export customer records and transactions to Microsoft Excel.
  • It offers extensive security features.
  • Transfer stations modules are available.
  • Developed by a C.P.A with over 25 years of Fund Accounting experience.
  • Windows based - runs on Windows XP, ME, 2000, 98, and 95
  • Provides a total integrated solution for all your waste management sites.
  • Demo cds available upon request.
Minimum requirements: Pentium II with 128 memory, CD Rom drive, Window 98SE

Recommended configuration: P III 700 MHz or above, 256 MB memory, CD RW, Windows XP Pro (not recommended for use with XP Home), a dedicated impact printer for receipt printing - we recommend the Okidata 320 or 420.

Weigh-in and weigh-out is a snap when using our system.

Landfill software

The default transaction is a Cash sales, but you can easily change this to a change. You can also enter a vehicle ID to pull up stored Tare Weight.

All the active vehicles are stored for easy selection on Weigh-out.

Landfill software

Highlight the vehicle you want to weigh-out and click change.

Landfill Software

With extensive reports and enhanced security system, our Landfill Management System is the right choice for your company.

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